Miracle of Nurture

Lactation Support and Appointments are still available at 503-762-1632, now provided by Miracle of Nurture Lactation Care (operated by former employees of Birthingway Breastfeeding Center).

Closure  Announcement

Greetings iq option lovely community.  It is with great appreciation and sadness that we announce the closure of the Birthingway Breastfeeding Center. At this point, maintaining the facility would require raising both student tuition and client fees in a way that would no longer reflect our mission of providing high-quality care and training that are both affordable and accessible.  

Although the Center is closing, our International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) remain committed to this mission. Current, new, and prospective clients of the Center will be able to access care from Adrienne Fuson, Erin Gillis, Sarah Longwell, Lindsey Goodman, Emilia Smith, and Ara Greenfield through their co-op Miracle of Nurture. You can learn more about Miracle of Nurture at their website, www.miracleofnurture.com and iqoptions page, reach their practice through the existing Warm Line number 503-762-1632 as of December 20th or at 503-914-1143 prior to that date.  

These talented professionals will continue to provide outstanding care based on the principle that mothers and parents are experts on their own babies and families, and deserve the support, resources, and personalized care necessary to successfully meet their unique feeding and parenting goals. We encourage the health care providers, social workers, and other community organizations who have been referring families to the Center to continue referring to these providers through Miracle of Nurture.

The Center’s last day seeing clients will be Saturday, December 19th. We will take new clients up to that date and schedule any needed follow-up care through Miracle of Nurture. A copy of your chart will be helpful to give any future lactation providers, please discuss this with your care team. Lindsey Goodman will continue to facilitate a weekly mothers group at a new location. Please see the group’s facebook page or the Miracle of Nurture website for more information, as it becomes available.

It has been an honor to serve the hundreds of families that we have worked with over the last four years. What amazing mothers, partners, babies, and siblings! You have worked so hard to meet, overcome, and adapt to the many challenges that parents face today in a culture that gives very little support for breastfeeding and for the very real struggles of the postpartum period. Time and time again we have been amazed and inspired by the bravery, strength, perseverance, and sacrifice we have witnessed. All of the laughter and tears we have shared with you have touched our hearts deeply. We are better lactation consultants, parents, and people because you allowed us to walk with you through an intensely important part of your family journey. For that we are deeply iqoption grateful. Thank you!

Best wishes to each of you and to all the mamas, babies, and families in our community.